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You’ve probably heard rumbles about NHS privatisation for years. You may have noticed changes to the system that don’t feel quite right, but can’t put your finger on why. You hear denials from politicians here, read about hospital closures there, and drown in a spaghetti soup of NHS jargon everywhere: FTs, PFIs, CCGs, STPs, PCNs, ICSs… WTF!

Before Covid, it was already difficult to get a GP appointment. There were 5 million people on waiting lists so you had to wait months for a hospital referral. A&E was packed and the doctors and nurses run off their feet, but they got to you eventually, didn’t they? So, is there really a problem?

The short answer is, there’s a MASSIVE problem… one that, in December 2022, led NHS nurses to strike for the first time in its history. To get the full picture start with What The Hell is Going On?, then read the other sections in the Learn More drop-down menu.



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