Letter to MPs who voted against the Bill

Dear [Name of MP],

Thank you for voting against the Health and Care Bill on 23rd November.

I’m extremely worried that it was voted through by 291 to 244 votes, and is now in the Lords on its way to becoming law. 

New Labour’s pivotal role in advancing NHS privatisation, and Keir Starmer’s commitment to ‘partnering with the private sector’ to deliver care, mean that Labour has a lot of work to do before it can be trusted with the NHS by myself and many other voters.

Labour’s opposition so far has simply not been strong enough. And this has not gone unnoticed.

To win back public trust, I urge you as my MP to:

  • Continue to oppose the Health Bill, while explaining publicly that it is a piece of privatising legislation which advances the Americanisation of our health service, granting greater control to the corporate sector.
  • Support renationalisation as the only remedy for our ailing health service, and fight for Labour to adopt this as official policy.

Both these positions have huge support from experts and the general public.

The movement to save the NHS is growing by the day. By adopting these positions, you will be become a vital part of this viral movement.

Yours sincerely,



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