Letter to MPs who voted for the Bill

Dear [Name of MP],

As your constituent, I am extremely disappointed by your decision to vote for the Health and Care Bill in November.

By supporting the Bill, you are ignoring the opinion of experts, doctors, unions, the vast majority of Conservative voters and the British public. For expert analysis, please see: www.yournhsneedsyou.com/the-health-and-care-bill/

When the Bill returns to the Commons, you will have another opportunity to do the right thing by your constituents, protecting rich and poor alike, as the fraudulent American system being imported here routinely sells to the wealthy unnecessary, life-threatening surgeries, denies treatment to the insured (who pay on average a £1,000 excess before they get to see a doctor), and leaves 31 million uninsured with no care at all.

I urge you as my MP to argue against and vote down this privatisation Bill when it returns to the House of Commons, and to campaign for a fully renationalised NHS offering publicly provided, world-class healthcare to all. The alternative is voting in a new system that will cause countless unnecessary deaths, for which you will share responsibility.

The movement to save the NHS is growing by the day, with huge celebrity and public support. And please bear in mind that campaigns like Your NHS Needs You! are planning to use online advertising and billboards to publicly shame those MPs who continue to support this disastrous legislation.

If you support the Bill when it returns to the House of Commons, you and your party will not receive my vote at the next election.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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