Letter to the Lords

Dear Lord Kamall, Baroness Thornton, Baroness Wheeler, Baroness Merron, Baroness Jolly, Lord Judge and all UK Peers,

Your NHS needs you to protect it from the disastrous impacts of the Health and Care Bill.

Research shows that privatised healthcare is far more expensive than public healthcare, and has far worse outcomes. Academics, doctors, trade unions and campaigners are all united in labelling this a corruption and privatisation Bill.

The Bill is now in your hands and you Peers can protect our NHS.

At this time when NHS staff are dealing with the pandemic, new variants, low morale and exhaustion, a huge scale restructuring will have disastrous consequences. Our NHS was already struggling before Covid hit because of decades of cuts and privatisation by stealth.

Please read our briefing for full details, and watch the huge range of  videos from celebrities and campaigners all expressing their concern over this Bill, which:

  • Breaks England into 42 Integrated Care Systems, effectively denationalising the NHS.
  • Allows private companies to make decisions on public health budgets.
  • Diverts more public money from care to corporations.
  • Reduces access to medical services, pushing those who can afford it into private care.
  • Allows patients to be discharged from hospital before their care needs are assessed.
  • Down-skills the workforce, and removes standards and patient protections.
  • Adds to the already heavy burden on staff caused by cuts to beds, doctors, nurses, hospitals, GPs and services.
  • Moves us towards the US model of privatised two-tier care, handing control to US firms.

Please do all you can to amend and oppose this Bill and protect our NHS





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