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The government is destroying our NHS. The Labour Party and Unions must oppose privatisation and fight for renationalisation!

We demand an end to politicians’ attempts to destroy our NHS and move us to the American health insurance model.

The Conservatives have massively under-resourced frontline care, and are privatising the NHS ready to hand it over to US corporations. Yet, for-profit healthcare creates dangerous conflicts of interest where treatments are routinely mis-sold to those who can afford it and withheld from those who can’t, while the insured are bankrupted by care costs.

New Labour turbo-charged NHS privatisation, and saddled it with enormous PFI debt. Following in Blair’s footsteps, Keir Starmer says he is committed to ‘partnering with the private sector’ to deliver care. Shadow health minister, Wes Streeting, says he would partner with the private sector too, with echoes of New Labour’s Concordat with the private sector in 2000, a major cause of the perilous state of the NHS when the pandemic struck.

We reject Labour’s recycled attempts to dress up privatisation as short term pragmatism.

Medical unions have also been complicit in the privatisation, often selling out their own members. If the nightmare that is US healthcare takes hold here, the gains made by the union movement to provide greater security for working people will be wiped out at a stroke.

Neither medical unions nor the Labour leadership have informed the public about what’s really happening to our health service. We urgently need them to join forces and fight to save our NHS. So far, they have utterly failed to defend and protect the service that Labour founded — this nation’s greatest achievement.

We call on the whole union movement and the Labour Party to:

• Vigorously oppose and denounce the privatising Health and Care Act 2022.
• Educate the nation on how the Act Americanises the NHS, enabling a US take-over.
• Demand a significant rise in wages for our heroic NHS staff.
• Support full renationalisation as the only remedy for our crumbling NHS.*

These positions have huge support from experts and the public. It’s time to back them.

Your NHS Needs YOU!

*Full renationalisation means bringing back a publicly funded, publicly provided service, run by properly remunerated, fully qualified medical staff delivering high quality care to all.

This requires reversing four decades of health and care law; kicking out private providers; cancelling PFI debt; bringing back social, dental and optician care; and getting rid of the hugely wasteful internal market and the highly paid bureaucrats who run it.


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